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Fotografando, dalla Mec art al digitale

Authors Matteo Basilè, Gabriele Basilico, Gianni Bertini, Maurizio Buscarino, Mario Cresci, Bruno Di Bello, Franco Fontana, Luigi Ghirri, Mario Giacomelli, Mimmo Jodice, Elio Mariani, Mimmo Rotella, Aldo Tagliaferro, Gian Paolo Tomasi.
Series Libri Aparte
Series code LA06
ISBN 978-88-95059-09-9

Release 11/2008
Size Hard cover, 23 x 23 cm
Pages 80
Images 27 color, 15 b/w
Language Italian

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The book Fotografando: dalla Mec Art al digitale offers readers a sweeping look at works by some of Italy's leading figures on the contemporary art scene from the mid-Sixties through today. This "itinerary" focuses on the mechanically created image – mainly photography – which over the years has often been the linchpin of extensive artistic research, in many cases combined with painting and the traditional concept of a picture. It culminates with digital works created entirely through mechanical processes.

Mec art – Mechanical Art – represents its starting point and the publication opens with works by some of the leading figures of Mec art in Italy: Gianni Bertini, Bruno Di Bello, Elio Mariani, Mimmo Rotella and Aldo Tagliaferro.

Moving away from the Sixties, the climate of European Nouveau Realisme and American pop art, the book then examines a varied group of artists and the most important names in Italian contemporary photography – including Gabriele Basilico, Mario Cresci, Franco Fontana, Luigi Ghirri, Mario Giacomelli and Mimmo Jodice – and, with them, moves on to the threshold of the digital era, which burst onto the scene in the Nineties.

Uncoincidentally, the book closes with two young artists: Matteo Basilé, a pioneer in digital images who has worked on classical iconography and reinvented the concept of the portrait, and Gian Paolo Tomasi, a printer and manipulator of images, and the author of hyper-realistic paintings.

The book is the catalogue of the exhibition Fotografando, dalla Mec art al digitale, Biblioteca Centro Cultura Nembro (Nembro, Bergamo - Italy), 8 November 2008 - 10 January 2009.

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