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Libri Aparte
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Daily Iraq
Gianluca Costantini

Series Libri Aparte
Series code LA09
ISBN 978-88-95059-15-0

Release 03/2009
Size Soft cover, 15x20 cm
Pages 24
Images 20 colour
Language Italian / French / English



In his unique and unmistakable style, Gianluca Costantini recounts some of the most recent events in contemporary Iraq. With about twenty colour plates, the artist creates a gallery of images with specific historical and political references. The author has chosen to draw directly on the pages of Max Sauerland's book Griechische Bildwerke, devoted to classical Greek sculpture and published in the early 20th century. The photographs of the sculptures thus become the formal and historical background on which he develops his graphic symbolism, in some cases complicating it even further by adding news photographs. Antiquity and the present, stories and reportage, drawings and photography converge to create a single complex picture that reveals surprising juxtapositions and allusions, in a process of continuous multiplication and stratification. The catalogue contains the twenty works, accompanied by “Dionysus in Iraq”, an essay by Elettra Stamboulis.

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