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Series Libri Aparte
Series code LA10
ISBN 978-88-95059-17-4

Release 09/2010
Size Hard cover, 23x23 cm
Pages 108
Images 105 color
Language Italian / English

20 EUR



The /BAN.King catalogue recounts the story of a unique encounter in a bank building between a graffiti artist and a group of sixty executives.

Verbo, an artist who has been active since the Nineties in international graffiti events, undertook a pictorial work in the stairwell of Intesa Sanpaolo’s training centre, involving sixty HR executives. Seeking contrasts in the original appearance, the participants’ work and his own mark, the artist completely transformed the appearance and identity of the place.

The catalogue examines the steps in the /BAN.King project. In addition to the numerous pictures that testify to Verbo’s own mark, letter by letter, the catalogue also presents the words of the managers involved. The book includes a DVD with two artistic videos by Verbo and a documentary on the entire project.

This book is essential for anyone who is interested in graffiti and wants to explore the relationship linking art, business and training.

“There is a creative tension that comes from the conflict among different individuals and is expressed through the desire to banish (BAN) others’ marks to emerge with one’s own (KING).” Verbo

Available in September.

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