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Carmine Mauro Daprile

Authors Andrea Lissoni, Matteo Stefanelli, Roberta Valtorta
Series Libri Aparte
Series code LA11
ISBN 978-88-95059-16-7

Release 10/2010
Size 21x28 cm
Pages 72
Images 29 color
Language Italian / English

25 EUR


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Cosplay – the term combines the words costume and play – originated in Japan and rapidly spread around the world, generating the characters of manga and anime, as well as films and role-playing.

The photographic work entitled Mattettunin commenced in 2004 as a result of the artist’s fascination with the imagery of advertising, videogames and cartoons as a virtual territory of survival training in real social settings and of standardization with respect to dominant values. When Carmine Mauro Daprile ( first portrayed cosplayers he captured their extraneousness and otherness, but he subsequently changing his approach as the work progressed, manifesting a desire to play with the visions of these characters in order to construct another reality – a credible one – that is crystallized in each shot. The choice of locations is the sign of a cinematographic eye that concentrates on the suburban landscape and outlying areas, bringing these fantasies into everyday real-life settings. The outcome is a narrative through images unfolding in the pages of the book to become a metaphor for personal and collective dramas.

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