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Burn After
Elenia Depedro

Series Libri Aparte dŽArtista
Series code LADA07
ISBN 978-88-95059-20-4

Release 04/2011
Size 15x21 cm
Pages 80
Language Italian / English



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Burn After is a book by an artist in search of a performer.
Libri Aparte presents Burn After, Elenia Depedro’s new artistic and publishing project.
Burn After is a book-performance, a work of art that takes on the forms of a book with the intent of transforming it into an instrument with which to trigger new processes. Speaking straight to the reader, the author reveals her artistic convictions, seeks engagement, wants to share ideas and concepts, beckons to share specific actions, and pushes towards a decision, i.e. "using this seemingly innocuous object as a notebook or trying to follow instructions and do exactly what the book asks: writing secrets, projects, plans for the future and then burning them . . . for this is the only way to emerge from the book-performance framework to enter into a freer place once and for all."

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