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Quei bravi ragazzi
Fabiola Naldi

Authors Fabiola Naldi
Series Libri Aparte
Series code LA04
ISBN 978-88-95059-03-7

Release 09/2007
Size 4 colors cover, 14 x 19 cm
Language Italian

18 EUR


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Quei bravi ragazzi is an unusual DVD catalogue created for the eponymous collective exhibition at the AMTgallery in Como. The DVD contains video works and photo galleries of the seven artists who participated in the exhibition: Blu, Riccardo Benassi, Dado & Stefy, Federico Maddalozzo, Massimiliano Nazzi and Giovanna Ricotta. The artists' works and a critical essay can be accessed from the main menu through a video itinerary designed by Fabiola Naldi, who curated the exhibition. The DVD contains Blu's videos, including Child; All two-hands acts are stereo by Riccardo Benassi, who also created the audio track titled Krematorium Wedding; three videos by Massimiliano Nazzi, including A chance to clik is a chance to clack; and Kiss and bamboolychee´s by Giovanna Ricotta. Each artist is represented by a rich photo gallery that showcases the works of Dado & Stefy, from those of 1999 to Installazione illegale; the images from the Colormap, Pantone and Maybe series by Federico Maddalozzo; and Blu's works from the past three years, from Bologna a Zaragoza to the Magunica tour in South America.
The BANG book trailer was made by Gabriele Rigamonti (_riga), who reinterpreted the exhibition concept and specificity of the featured group of artists.

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