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The Libri Aparte publishing house is the outcome of the encounter of ideas and expertise in contemporary art and graphic design.

More than just an art publisher, Libri Aparte is a multifaceted firm that can follow contemporary and historic art exhibitions, literary reviews, and film and video-art shows from planning through production.

Libri Aparte concentrates a variety of professionals under one roof, optimising available resources to promote cultural and communications activities, and always seeking the best medium and form to achieve high-quality results on both a cultural and commercial level.

Our goal is to combine the publication of art books and catalogues with the offer of key services for the organisational and communications aspects involved in an exhibition or cultural event, overseeing a coordinated image, contacts with artists, the selection of works, exhibition space design, publication of the catalogue and the promotional campaign. We also interact creatively with various partners – artists, curators, critics, authors and promoting organisations – to provide dynamic and effective support.

In addition to books and exhibitions, we keep our range of action changeable – and ever changing – so that we are always ready to undertake new projects creatively and professionally.


Sara Mazzocchi

Sara Mazzocchi works in the area of publishing, contemporary art and cinema, creating opportunities for interaction among these areas of interest and developing possible connections among them.

From 2005 to 2013 she has curated GAMeCinema (, GAMeCinema section) at GAMeC – Galleria d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Bergamo, a project that probes the overlaps between the visual arts and cinema, in close connection with museum programming.

She is is the director of the Cinelatino. Nuovi film dall’America Latina film festival, arranged forTenaris Dalmine.

From 2005 to 2010 she has worked with the Bergamo Film Meeting festival, organising several shows and curating exhibitions promoted as part of the event, such as Davide Ferrario. Foto da Galera (March 2007, Porta di Sant’Agostino, Bergamo) and Chris Marker (March 2008, Porta di San’Agostino, Bergamo).

As an independent curator, she also organised the exhibitions: Floods. 10 inondazioni per una città (February–March 2007, Chiesa di Sant’Agostino, Bergamo, curators: Gianluca Ranzi, Giovanna Brambilla and Sara Mazzocchi), Tracciabili. Segni di apparenti sparizioni e ritrovamenti (May 2011, Porta di Sant’Agostino, Bergamo).


Viola Giacometti

Viola Giacometti works in the areas of publishing, contemporary art, drawing and illustration.

After graduating with a degree from the DAMS (Drama, Art and Music Studies) department of the University of Bologna, she became an educational expert for the chair of Contemporary Art History, holding monographic courses and seminars devoted to periodicals published in artistic fields, such as contemporary comics.

Her research focuses on the art journals of Fascist Italy, particularly their graphics and various publishing and iconographic projects. In 2005 she published the monographic work titled L’Orto, rivista d’arte e lettere 1931-39 Bologna (CLUEB).

She also studies contemporary drawings and comics. She has collaborated with the Associazione culturale Mirada of Ravenna on the R.A.M. project – Competition for Young Artists from the Province of Ravenna – since 2005, and has worked with Komikazen, the International Reality Comic Festival (2005 and 2006).

Since 2003 she has worked on a number of publications, such as the “Espressioni d’arte” manuals of art history published by Casa editrice G. D’Anna and the catalogue for the Edoardo Devetta, dall’iconismo all’Informale nella Trieste del dopoguerra exhibition held at the Museo Civico Revoltella in Trieste. For Komikazen, the International Reality Comic Festival (2005 and 2006), she oversaw the biographical apparatus and critical profile of Nicole Schulman for the catalogue published by Coniglio Editore as well as the presentation of the graphic-novel publishing project of Beccogiallo; in March 2006, she was involved in the catalogue presentation of the artists invited to the group exhibition Mi casa es tu casa: Migrazioni, Mutamenti, Confini at the Galleria 18 in Bologna, promoted by Volabò and sponsored by the Province of Bologna and the city’s Permanent Council against Social Exclusion. In 2007 she curated the exhibition by Filippo Pirini, selected for the competition of the G.A.I. circuit, and RAM Mostra artisti ravennati, promoted by the Council Office for Youth Policies of the Municipality of Ravenna; also in 2007 she curated the Cargo Box, scenografie di viaggio installation by Nemanja Nikolic at the 42 OFF Projectroom space at the Galleria 42 Contemporanea in Modena.


&1 lab

A workshop of graphic design for visual communication since 2003.

Founders Simone Facchinetti and Andrea Salvi graduated from Milan Polytechnic with a degree in industrial design, focusing on communications. Their experiences are complementary and were developed in the field of graphic design. Their objective is a personal model of visual education through research and experimentation in new languages for visual communication.

Since it was established, &1 lab has focused on the areas of art and culture, designing the coordinated image and graphic layout for exhibitions such as Crossroads - La didattica dell'arte contemporanea all'incrocio delle comunicazioni possibili (GAMeC Bergamo, 2004) and Biancaneve e il lupo cattivo - Le favole dei fratelli Grimm illustrate da Emanuele Luzzati (GAMeC Bergamo, 2005). They designed publications for exhibitions such as Quasi tutto by Alighiero Boetti (GAMeC Bergamo, 2004) and War is Over 1945-2005. La libertà dell’arte (GAMeC Bergamo, 2005), and have worked for cultural as well as other types of organisations (Design For All Italia, Soffia nel Vento, Di+ associazione culturale).

At the same time, they have overseen books and websites for various artists (Mariella Bettineschi, Maurizio Bonfanti, Paolo Facchinetti, Gaia Zebellin) and have helped organise and promote events such as DonnArt. La donna nell'arte (Nembro BG, 2005) and Insieme... sognare si può (Bergamo, 2006).

As a team or individually, Facchinetti and Salvi have participated in a number of competitions, including H2O on the Table 2004 (first MACEF Award, in which the Pilo project received honourable mention), exhibitions such as Un logo per ANCE (Triennale di Milano, 2005)and projects such as the Dodo animale inetto al feature film (Best Video Award, PROG:ME in Rio de Janeiro, 2005).

The &1 lab duo provides graphics consultancy to institutions (Municipality of Bergamo, Confindustria Bergamo, University of Bergamo) as well as private companies (Atelier d’Architecture Juvet Chollet – Lausanne, Co.Modo, Lunatik press office and Fleisch agency, and – in the music industry – to Universal Music, Desvelos Records and Piloft Recordings). It designs logos and coordinated images, websites, ad campaigns, exhibition spaces for trade fairs, and publishing and multimedia projects.

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