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Libri Aparte
ProjectsCreation, production and communication of cultural projects
Originality and shared objectives are the hallmarks of the projects we create in synergy with companies, organizations and sponsors.
At Libri Aparte, we combine the creative process and event concept with services that are fundamental for organization and communication.
We also organize contemporary art events, corporate communication and training.
Museum exhibition design



We have concentrated different professional figures into a single company, allowing us to offer dynamic and effective support for the various phases involved in planning and implementing an exhibition project. We collaborate with the various parties involved – artists, curators, authors, companies and promoters – and seek the best medium and form to achieve top-quality results that meet the expectations of the organizers as well as the public.

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Immaginario Plastico
3-18 December 2011
Centro Culturale San Bartolomeo, Largo Belotti 1, Bergamo

Libri Aparte presenta il secondo volume di Immaginario Plastico. Storia della scultura a Bergamo 1945-2000, un affascinante percorso dedicato ai protagonisti della scultura bergamasca che ...

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In Esplorazione
5 November - 23 December 2011
Galleria Martano, Via Principe Amedeo 29, 10123, Torino

La mostra dedicata a In Esplorazione ha presentato le tavole originali dei quattro artisti coinvolti nel progetto editoriale: Giovanni De Lazzari, Claudia Losi, Francesco Pedrini e Stefano ...

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300 DEMO
17 November - 8 Dicember 2011
Polaresco, via del Polaresco 15, Bergamo

Trecento demo o autoproduzioni di singoli artisti e gruppi bergamaschi, pubblicati dal 1990 al 2011, per far riscoprire l'importanza di questo straordinario mezzo di presentazione: il più diffuso ...

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Fukinagashi. Mosso dal vento
4-16 October 2011
P.zza Vittorio Veneto / ABenergie via Tasca 3, Bergamo (IT)

Fukinagashi. Mosso dal Vento rappresenta un progetto artistico dedicato a promuovere il dialogo tra arti visive e innovazione tecnologico-scientifica, focalizzato sul tema delle energie da ...

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15 May - 18 June 2011
Porta Sant'Agostino - Traffic Gallery - Viale Vittorio Emanuele II, Bergamo

Susanna Alberti, Anna Arzuffi, Paolo Baraldi, Samuel Fortunato, Oscar Giaconia, Selene Lazzarini, Francesco Pedrini, Luca Resta, Jacopo Sana, Davide Tranchina e Martina Viganò sono gli 11 artisti ...

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Fotografare l'energia.
Sole, acqua e vento negli scatti di sei fotografi italiani

ABenergie, via Tasca 3, Bergamo (IT)

The exhibition series entitled Photographing Energy. Sun, Water, Wind in the Works by Six Italian Photographers is part of the innovative corporate communications plan of ABenergie, an ...

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Fausto Bertasa 017 Platinium White
23 April - 31 May 2009
Atelier Bruno Vaerini

The aesthetic rigour of the site-specific project created by Fausto Bertasa at the Atelier Bruno Vaerini in Bergamo is reflected in the graphics chosen for the invitation and the poster that, by ...

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Get ready to shoot yourself
24 January - 26 April 2009
Jade Art Gallery, Bergamo (IT)

Marcelino Stuhmer situates himself both through and against a pictorial and video "postproduction" of the famous final sequence of The Lady from Shanghai. In the installation Get Ready ...

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Fotografando, dalla Mec art al digitale
8 November 2008 - 10 January 2009
Biblioteca Centro Cultura Nembro

The coordinated image of the exhibition draws on the form and colour of the tiles that cover the glass block of the new Nembro Library as a compositional motif. The customized graphics evoke a daring ...

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10 May - 10 September 2008
Jade Art Gallery, Bergamo (IT)

The exhibition Fausto Bertasa's "Antologia". traces the itinerary of an artist who uses different materials and media and records pages from newspapers, events, microstories and digital ...

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¿Está Bien?
23 February - 24 March 2008
Domus Alexandrina, Bergamo (IT)

¿Está Bien? Is a project of cultural co-production organized by CELIM Bergamo, the Diocesan Missionary Centre of Bergamo and the DI + Cultural Association, with the aim of collecting funds ...

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Ilsimosuperstar Vs Michael Jackson
9 February - 31 March 2008
Serioquattro, Seriate (Bergamo, IT)

The exhibition design and coordinated image of the event was curated for the exhibition of drawings, posters and site-specific works in the Seriequattro spaces....

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Floods - 10 inondazioni per una città
24 February - 25 March 2007
Ex chiesa di Sant'Agostino, Bergamo

Ten international artists have developed the topic of flooding and drifting, contaminating the physical and psychological spaces linked to our daily experience; they are Diamante Faraldo , ...

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Paolo Facchinetti auto biografie
8 - 22 April 2006
Collegio Raffaello, Urbino (IT)

The invitation and exhibition design were created for the artist's solo show at the Collegio Raffaello in Urbino....



The goal of our proposals is to construct a new dialogue between contemporary art and far different milieus. These events are the outcome of constant investigation, and they involve artists interested in engaging with various spectators and audiences in urban and shared spaces, seeking unique points of convergence between artistic research, the market and its changes.

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Liber a Nos
September /December 2010

From September to December 2010 Bergamo’s libraries, theatres and districts will host encounters through the free initiatives of Liber A Nos, a project inspired by the desire to promote the ...

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Video live performance
19 December 2009
Urban Center, Bergamo (IT)

In live video performances, the artist Verbo (Mitja Bombardieri) directs new video showings that transform space, breaking away from the audience's perception habits and reinventing volumes awash in ...

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7 March 2009
Piazza Libertà, Bergamo (IT)

On the occasion of the Bergamo Film Meeting 2009 festival, the contemporary art section Frontiera. Passaggi metropolitani hosted Rockets, an installation by Filippo Pirini. The ...


Museum exhibition design

Setting up an exhibition or collection is a complex operation. We offer a comprehensive service that includes analysis of the specific setting and the customer’s needs, meetings with the Advisory Committee, and research into the best exhibition layout and approach. We make the most of the assets, objects and works of art through an effective and enduring communication system.

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Museo Golgi
Corteno Golgi, Brescia (IT)

The great scientist's signature and a microscope image of the famous "black reaction" are the hallmarks of the coordinated image of the Museo Golgi....



We work with companies and private individuals to come up with new communication solutions, in order to plan promotional events and presentations distinguished by the participation of artists and designers. The complex and exciting language of art is the cornerstone for innovative communication that can overturn viewpoints, transform habits, and create uncommon ties and connections.

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Jade Art Gallery
Jade Art Gallery

The simplicity and elegance of the coordinated image created for the Jade Art Gallery distinguish the design of the website, invitations and layouts of the new exhibition space....



We have put together an expert team of corporate storytellers, designers and artists in order to implement an unusual communication strategy that connects the most advanced corporate storytelling techniques with the language of art. The goal is to find new and effective ways to promote identity, services and concepts.

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/BAN.King corporate graffiti

/BAN.King is a corporate graffiti project created by the artist Verbo with Storyfactory and the Intesa Sanpaolo Training Service.

Created as part of a training session for the heads ...



Learning about contemporary life through the stimuli offered by art represents the common thread that links our training proposals. Given our dual nature as publishers and cultural promoters, libraries are the ideal place to engage with the public, with proposals ranging from the arts to visual communication and comics to illustrations. We work with artists to plan and stage workshops for businesses, in order to probe corporate dynamics through the experience of art.

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Summer School
Summer 2010
Auditorium, Piazza Libertà, Bergamo

Libri Aparte is participating in Summer School, the innovative artistic training course devoted to voice, video, music and comics, held in July and September 2010 at the Auditorium of Piazza ...

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Segnali del presente

The goal of the training and exhibition project entitled "Segnali del presente" is to offer an overview of the points of intersection of the arts and a multifaceted cross section of contemporary ...


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