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Libri Aparte
ProjectsCreation, production and communication of cultural projects

Summer School
Summer 2010
Auditorium, Piazza Libertà, Bergamo

Category Training
Advice Curatorship and organization
Customer Comune di Bergamo (IT)


Libri Aparte is participating in Summer School, the innovative artistic training course devoted to voice, video, music and comics, held in July and September 2010 at the Auditorium of Piazza Libertà in Bergamo. Libri Aparte is curating the two events devoted to comics: a workshop on theory and practice, and a series of lectures with plenty of visual material. On Friday, 23 July from 4 to 7 p.m., author Anna Ciammitti is heading the workshop entitled Imagine reality: a laboratory on the creation of comic stories inspired by actual events, stimulating a journalistic yet also subjective look at reality. From 6 to 10 September, curator Viola Giacometti is presenting The language of comics as part of a cycle of five lessons to analyse this medium, from its origins in the United States to today’s graphic novel, and going through Japan, Italy and Africa. The initiative is part of the activities of Libri Aparte devoted to cultural promotion in the local area and artistic training. Summer School is promoted by Sezione Aurea, Lab 80 film, Soffia nel Vento and Libri Aparte and mainly targets young people (age 14 and up), offering preliminary and advanced courses that take a multidisciplinary approach. Summer School was established thanks to the contributions of Fondazione Cariplo and Fondazione Comunità Bergamasca, in collaboration with Associazione Arts, Auditorium Rete delle Arti e dello Spettacolo, and the Municipality and Province of Bergamo. For information and enrolment: Sezione Aurea: tel. +39 035 211-211 –

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