Untitled Drawing Art is the most recent artistic project by Gianluca Costantini, a multifaceted graphic artist and cartoonist who has written a number of comic books and is the director of InguineMAH!gazine. Untitled Drawing Art is literally a graphic encyclopaedia of contemporary art, a drawn press release devoted to advertising, the market, exhibitions and the leading players in the art world. The project features 2000 Indian ink drawings on continuous paper, with pages devoted to Maurizio Cattelan as well as Takeshi Marakami, Gagosian and Chris Marker, auctions at Sotheby’s, and the covers of FlashArt and Artforum. The book illustrates the project’s first 45 drawings and includes a short interview with the artist. Untitled drawing art è l´ultimo progetto artistico di Gianluca Costantini, disegnatore e fumettista poliedrico, autore di diversi libri a fumetti e direttore della rivista InguineMAH!gazine. Untitled drawing art è letteralmente un’enciclopedia grafica dell´arte contemporanea, una press-release disegnata, dedicata alle pubblicità, al mercato, alle mostre e ai protagonisti del mondo dell’arte; un progetto di 2000 disegni a china realizzati su fogli a modulo continuo dove si posso trovare pagine dedicate a Maurizio Cattelan come a Takeshi Marakami, a Gagosian e Chris Marker, alle aste di Sotheby’s e le copertine di FlashArt o Artforum. Il libro raccoglie i primi 45 disegni del progetto e una breve intervista all’autore.

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Libri Aparte d'artista | ISBN 978-88-95059-14-3 | Buy the book here
In cooperation with Galleria Miomao
Shown for the first time on the occasion of Salon du dessin contemporain 2009